Proxy Community?

Can i make my proxy community website ? like forum and proxy list ?
I ll never insert any kind of web proxy script or anything, i ll just setup phpbb forum and very simple php proxy list script …
Example :


i think so.

hmmm u think so ? i think so too, but i want confirmation …

If you “just” build a static Proxy-List - means, there is no dynamic check of available of the listed proxys - there wont be a problem. The using of a forum is also without any problems.

if u need a online/offline check for ur service -> pm :slight_smile:

Proxies are mostly now allowed because they are resource intensive.
But if you can make it using same requirements as a normal site or out of the box script.
You should be fine.

he couldn’t and wouldn’t run a proxy. (curl is required)

Yes there s’ dynamic auto checks for listed proxies

lol sure.

Ok guys thnx for help. i ll start my website n i hope that they dont delete it :slight_smile: