Question, image hosting for website

I am running a website currently here.
Which is a community.
Now my question is, am i allowed to have an image hosting/uploading script.

I want to have this so that my users can upload their avatars and link it back then, because else they have to manually resize and adjust size of picture, whilst remote linkin size doesnt matter and it resizes automatically.

I hope i am allowed to do this, because this was the only thing setting me back.

Yours all,

hi robin,

well, I’m not so sure about this. Imagehosting is not allowed at bplaced, but your description might not be the very same this restriction was imposed to. Uploading and resizing images for avatars might not be an issue, however, using those images as an imagehoster (linking to external sites by means of imagehosting) or frequent uploading (which leads to resizing, …and eating server-CPU) might cause problems in this matter, therefor it should be forbidden.


But am i allowed to have script to upload images or can i not :stuck_out_tongue: ?


usually image-hosting-scripts aren’t allowed but miro said that you can use your script if it isn’t a “real” image-hosting-script like imageshack or something like that.