bplaced why not make a referral program for those who use the bplaced hosting for invite other people?

Such referral systems do most often require things like “pricres”, or would you just invite people without excepting to get anything from bplaced?

What kind of sense would it make - when they create such an option, but everyone uses it for themselves.

As example: Most communities using referrals with e.g. bonus credits, the user start creating fake accounts, use it beside the real accounts for some time and just let it die, when they’ve recieved their reward. I think, that something similare might happen with bplaced.

Even though several accounts of the same accounts aren’t forbidden, I think that people would spam the server with accounts in order to get e.g. a reward for iniviting so many “people”. That would be unfair against other users - even with the facct left out, that not everyone knows so many people that are interested in Websites or similare.

This makes me very interested in the bplaced they do not use the referral system and it is true of people who just want to get the prize they deliberately create an account as much as possible in order to get the prize, the problem of spam accounts often happens everywhere, just to get a gift