Serious issue about

The english support is even below average here and they de-activate your account for almost everything you do without contacting you first.
then you have to figure out what went wrong.
since it’s all in german it takes a support ticket for explanation,
this usually is 2 days, then 2 more days for answer on your issue, and then 2 more days before it is even solved.

so expect a week downtime for each problem.

Where are the rules anyway ?
And if so, why isn’t there any decent english info around here ?
The hosting may be good.
but the support is like one of the worst i’ve ever seen so far in a host that even responds…
If they just fixed that issue.
it would be fine.


No warez, chat, games, heavy PHP-stuff, phishing, spam, torrents, heavy downloads.[/quote]

Plus you have to add an “impressum” link to your main page.

Dont forget to back up everything!!! you never know…


can you post the html code , sample what ever, about that “impressum” plz ???

Means full name and full address and a fast contact opportunity (email and/or telephone). there is a nice sample there :hail:


hi dutchharbor

we had so many supportrequests, so it had taken a while, but now it shouldn’t take as long as
our support-system is now more effective than before, so we can do the support much faster
than before.


and sry for my bad english :smiley: