Server slow

My site ( ) is extremely slow at the moment, firefox even gives me the error page that the domain cannot be accessed.

Please can i have some information on this when this will be resolved ?
Thanks in advance, Robin


the server are actually a bit slower than usual.
This will be solved in the next days.

The problem just is that the support-team has other things to do now.
So theswhy forbidden websites are gaining the upper hand.

Btw: I can reach your site just fine

It’s kind of switching situation right now, one minute it’s fine, other minute lagg as hell/unaccesable.
Although in average indeed lot slower then usual.
We will see what the new week brings :ps:

Servers are killing again…

If there are too many open connections at one time (> 100/second) the server kills the connection automatically this is a function which protects the server for crashs. This will be fixed soon. Please press F5 and you should get the page.