[solved]DNS, CNAME ect


I’ve got a problem with my bplaced account.
I would like to redirect my own domain.com to my bplaced account BUT with my domain.com URL
I created a CNAME entry on my registrar which pointed to myaccount.bplaced.net, this works but it doesn’t keep the URL of my domain.com

With a URL forwarding entry it works

Can you help me please

Best regards to all of you

i dont understand this part:
do you get a 404 error page?
did you activate the cname record in the acp ( admin control panel)?

a cname record creation das take up to 3 hours ( in extrem up to 2 days…)

Hello and first of all thanks for the quick reply :wink:

When I say [quote]but it doesn’t keep the URL of my domain.com[/quote]
it means that all works (the redirection works ect.) BUT on the address bar it redirect to mydomain.com

you see what i mean :wink:

thank you m8

and you created a cname record? and not just a redirect?

maybe your cms directs automaticlly to the *.bplaced.net adress

You’re right !
Thank you, it works
!haue :wink:

Hello i’ve got a new problem lol, sorry

I did put two URL forwarding on my registrar
one dvn…domaine.com -> to dvn…bplaced.net
& one www.dvn…domaine.com -> to dvn…bplaced.net

is it wrong ?
yesterday it worked but now it doesn’t :s

Sorry for the new problem

Best regards

normally it should work

did you add it in the acp? Do you use a CMS System? most autoforward to the non www. domain make sure that there is no double content ( thats what google doesnt like :wink: )

That’s what i done :

1st : I put on my control panel on bplaced.net a new CNAME/A domaine, like dvndomaine.com

2nd : I went to my registrar and I created two URL forwarding one dvndomaine.com to dvn.bplaced.net

3rd : I went to my CMS control panel and I put my URL website to dvndomaine.com

Is this configuration right or there is a mistake ?

I don’t know if i have to create a CNAME entry www.dvndomaine.com to dvn.bplaced.net on my registrar instead of a URL forwarding ?

Thanks to explain me this points ;=)

That was a problem with my configs,
it’s ok now, i put a correct cname entry + url forwarding

i def close the topic