[solved] How can i upload my website?

Hey guys,

I’m french but I speak enough english to send you my problem.
I found this website thanks to google. My 1st problem : German …

The only word I know in German is apfelsaftscholen, which is not very useful in this case …

I’m wondering what I have to do to upload files with a FTP client: it asks me Host, Port, Server type, Upload mode , etc …

I have tried to find my answer in the FAQ (german) but i did not manage .

Could you help me ?

I have managed !

Here are my settings with FileZilla:

host: yoursite.bplaced.net
port: 21
type: FTP server

authentification type: account
user: youruser
password: yourpassword
account: youruser

My software is in french so i’m not sure on my translation.