Starting issues. :(

Where is it that I am supposed to begin in setting up the website?
I can’t find any user control panel and most isn’t in english. :frowning:
Can someone please either help me to get this started or link me to explainations please?

Hi and welcome @ :bp:

What do you want to do and what are your problems?

I thought I was starting a website for my guild. The issue is that I haven’t been able to find it. Is this not the case?


we only provide webspace for your website. Either you could use a CMS (means content mangement system) or you’ll have to lern some HTML, CSS and PHP.

I would adwise a CMS for a guild… It’s much easier to handle :wink:

tuts on this maybe??


Joomla ->
Typo3 -> (not recommended)
Drupal ->