Subdomain with extern domain

Hello. I wish configure subdomain with extern domain.

A few months ago I had enabled a domain account bplaced and used a subdomain to another account on the subdomain bplaced but has stopped working. subdomain address directed to the domain and not the subdomain. why?

i use and work very good, but the subdomain no working.

could help. thanks


umm if i understand right, may you wrote the subdomain cnames in your domain service ?

please tell us your URL’s, so we can have a look. If you change Domain names, it can be that just your Pc is redirecting wrong and all others are right.

In this Tutorial you can try open your CMD in Windows and write ipconfig /dnsflush. This flushes the dns services on your PC.

Delete Cache on your Browser and it will be fine.



oh, it’s not my pc, i’am sure. I that does not happen.

in the domain control panel the nameserver are 4freedns nameserver:, etc.

in the 4freedns type cname is for domain

subdomain address directed to the domain and not the subdomain.

which will be the problem?


you problem might be that your first account precedes your second and thus your first one is used for your entire Domain…
But there’s not much we / you can do… you’ll have to wait for the administration or try to create a third account and hope it’s on another server :stuck_out_tongue: Or swap your accounts… and use your domain on “kiej”, and your sub-domain on “insurrectos”