Thank you

Thank you very much for your amazing free web hosting, it is fast… faster than other free web host provider, but it makes me a little bit afraid, because of my previous web page in other free web host has been erased without any notification… :neutral_face: , I really really hope that didnt do something like that… :hail: :hail: :hail:
BTW silbermond ich bereue nichts its a very good song hahaha… out of topic mode: on

im sorry fo my bad english


I’ll erase your webspace right now if you ever call this service bplaced again, it is bplaced, all lowercase. In any other case what you described will not happen here.


Owh, all right bplaced all lowercase :smiley: ciao too… Mr.admin have a nice day, keep your great job! I will help you if you need me… Maybe you need a translator in indonesian hihihi,…