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We inform you in this newsletter about the following news at bplaced:

After more than a year since our last newsletter has changed in bplaced jege lot! Behind the scenes, in server technology and in terms of new listings, we have introduced sweeping changes that put the service quality and range of our offer in a new light. In the following brief summary, you will receive an overview of our news.
Fresh technology … The introduction of new techniques and authoritative in-house developments brings a number of interesting possibilities for webmasters.

phpMyAdmin addition to the conversion to version 3 (more information) is now also the possibility to double the number of domains with. To ensure greater stability and functionality of our Web server software has been revised, and the FTP system. In the course of which were further modernized our database systems - this includes the upgrade of MySQL to version 5.1 and install the PostGIS extension for PostgreSQL is often desired.

Operator of forums, guest books and comment features are requested to take note of the following information.
… And new perspectives

Even long functions are desired to communicate with other sites and servers.
We are now pleased to make this as part of our new offer bplaced per available! Beside PHP socket functions (fsockopen is allow_url_fopen and enable the option, and cURL) Website operators are now more new possibilities
opportunities available to make your own website more appealing and more interactive.

For more information, as well as functions and features you’ll see this in the Menüpunt under bplaced pro.
Square7 - Our “little” daughter

Since December last year, we introduce now not so little daughter named Square7 project. Over 30,000 webmasters host their website on Square7.
You will also be part of the new community! Especially for webmasters to Socket
functions and large Speicherkapazitiät can not do without, it may be worth a look at the ad-supported hosting throwing For professional users is the commercial-free Square7 Qubic package on favorable terms available.

We look forward to your visit!
twitters bplaced

Recently, leads the team bplaced own twitter stream.
What do we do that we actually know and not know exactly. Help us find out!
Thank you! This year we are again indebted to you! Thanks to the many valuable inputs we could improve our service and our offer to improve steadily.

The bplaced per offer is just one of the innovations this year, thanks to all feed
backs came about - we think not stop it! Both freestyle, as well as users per bplaced are continually benefit from the coming changes. Wishes, ideas and suggestions are what make us grow closer together. To continue this success continues, concerns of any kind via e-mail, ticketing system or Forum are welcome and encouraged!

A very special thanks go to our forums community, especially to the many volunteers who are at almost any time of our users in all matters. Thank you for your tireless efforts! Our “fun bags” from the famous 10’00er thread we have not forgotten, thanks for the great atmosphere on the board. Thanks to this combination of helpfulness, good humor and a piece of home our forum is what it is - anything but ordinary.

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