Undefined Deactivation

Hello. I have been using my bplaced file storage for a while now, and I think it is great and thank you guys for making this available. However today when I went into my bplaced account I found that for some reason it had been deactivated. From my non-good German skills I managed to figure out the deactivation was something about ‘File Storage’ or something like that. Could someone please tell me why my account has been deactivated and if it is possible that it can be reactivated. The full German error I recieved is as follows :

[b][i]Dein Benutzerkonto ist im Moment deaktiviert. Du hast trotzdem noch Zugriff zum Supportsystem um Anfragen bezüglich einer Aktivierung zu stellen.

Dieser Abschnitt ist nur noch so lange zugänglich, wie Dein Konto inaktiv ist - nach dem Verstreichen der gesetzten Frist von 31 Tagen wird das Konto vollständig entfernt.

Dein Konto wurde mit folgender Begründung deaktiviert: Dateiablage [/i][/b]

Thanks in advance, Diny.


your account is been suspended because we find only game data on your account…
please read the terms and conditions, we don’t accept filestorage.


the German error says, that you are not allowed to take only dates on the servers of bplaced. You must create a Homepage too.

When you create a Homepage, your account will be active as soon as possible. When nobody in the forum can help you, you must write a “Ticket” to the support of bplaced, and then, your account will be available for you. But you must make a Homepage.

After 31 days, your account will be deleted, when you do not use it in the space of time and write to the support team.[/color]

When you create a Homepage, your account will be active as soon as possible. [/quote]

nope, this account we don’t activate again…

nope, this account we don’t activate again…[/quote]

But, am I allowed to create a new account and add a webpage to it this time?

yes you are, but plz follow the bplaced conditions then^^

greetz hardi