Uploading files

How do you upload files to bplaced?


please use a ftp-software like "filezilla"
username: your bplaced username
password: ********
server: yourusername.bplaced.de
port: empty or 21 (standard)


the right part is the server-side filemanager, the left-side your computer.
just drag & drop :wink:

but it says that i need to type in a number between 1 and 65535, and if i enter “21” it says that i most likely entered the wrong port. and i cannot leave it empty

btw, my name is emil LOL


please use filezilla and post us the complete errorlog.


Port 21 is surely not wrong - I guess something went wrong with the data entered or your FTP client is nuts. Try to use Filezilla and also, please post the entire log output right from the beginning.