Where on earth do I upload my files because in FireFTP all I see is 3 folders:


I have placed index.html in all of them and not found 1 to work.

These three folders are only subfolders, two of them just redirect you to the admin interfaces for mysql/pgsql databases, and the filemanager subfolder does not do anything at all (it is intended to contain a filemanager system at some later point).

Upload your index.html to the start folder, the one inside which you see these three subfolders.
That’s where your address yourusername.bplaced.net is pointing at.

I have uploaded my index.html file to the root folder and still do not see when I go to tecnoxbplaced.bplaced.net. Why?
Here you can see my directory tree in filezilla: usuarios.multimania.es/desatnx/errorbplaced.JPG


If you just have registered you have to wait about 30minutes till you can reach your Website.

It works just fine.

ok, is correct, must wait 30 minutes… thanks!!