Uploded file to FTP but site still not working!

I uploaded my files via FTP to root path. Here is screenshot:

but still, my site doesn`t work. What can be the problem? I got the message:


please be patient - It’ll take up to 30 minutes until everything will work fine after your registration here.

ok,thanks. will be waiting

yes now its working. all you have to do, just wait for 20min. and your site is working. cheers

Grawr. I’m getting the same problem. It’s been over half an hour, and it still won’t show me the site.

I’ll give it a day.

EDIT: YES! FINALLY! IT WORKED. Guys, just give it a day. If it goes over a day, then you should contact support.


2 GB space, and lightning fast servers.

I do have to disagree with you there.

The english support is even below average here and they de-activate your account for almost everything you do without contacting you first.
then you have to figure out what went wrong.
since it’s all in german it takes a support ticket for explanation,
this usually is 2 days, then 2 more days for answer on your issue, and then 2 more days before it is even solved.

so expect a week downtime for each problem.

Where are the rules anyway ?
And if so, why isn’t there any decent english info around here ?
The hosting may be good.
but the support is like one of the worst i’ve ever seen so far in a host that even responds…
If they just fixed that issue.
it would be fine.