UTF-8 support

Hello ,when i try to install forum engine with UTF-8 character support i get this error

[code]The Following Errors were found :

* Could not make the query numbered : 0
  MySQL Error No : 1064
  MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-russia_forum CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 ' at line 1[/code]

Is this fixable ?


if (!mysqli_set_charset($db, "utf-8"))//set connection to utf8 { }

Where should i put it ?

after $db = mysqli_connect(…);
if u use mysql_connect put in this:

[quote]if (!mysql_set_charset($db, “utf-8”))//Setzt Verbingung auf utf8

I cannot find this part of code in install files .
i use mysql connect .

the after mysql_connect
but u must input

if (!mysql_set_charset($db, "utf-8"))//Setzt Verbingung auf utf8 { }

I`ve inserted it after

//Try to connect to MySQL $conn = @mysql_connect($server, $user, $password);
But not get another error .
Warning: mysql_set_charset() expects parameter 2 to be resource, string given in /users/*******/www/forum/setup/index.php on line 386

Well, the parameters are in wrong order.

Manual describes the function by