What happen to my site?

my site (venomwap.bplaced.net) is not working anymore… Please explain why. I’m very2 sad, becouse i’m using my own script, is hard to codding it! I think the adminstration team MUST SEND SOME WARNING BEFORE DEACTIVATE ANY SITE, coz we can backup all important data,before site is closed. One more thing, how to create a supported ticket? Help me, please… I want my site again… I love my site, n bplaced.net


Your account has been deactivated due to TOS violation. You didn’t assemble a page with your name and adress data. We will not warn users who sin against our TOS.

You just opened a support ticket - please be patient, a staff member will process it asap.

thanks for quick response. Assemble a page with my name n addres? How? Like create a page that have my name n addres? Can u explain more. Sorry 4 my broken english.


my English is not even better than yours :ps:

Please add an impressum or imprint (whatever) like this:
Name + Surname
Postal Code + City
State or Country
E-Mail or Phone


John Smith
Mystreet 123
12345 Mycity
CO, United States
(or Phone: +0123456789123456)

You can simply create a new HTML or PHP-document and link it on your index (or mainpage).

ur english is better than me. O.i.c… I understand now… U mean, i must create a page that containing my information/biodata, right? So how do u know which one the page that containing my info? I must rename it with what? (like Info.html, my_biodata.html)

you can call this data however you want to.
but you HAVE TO link this file on your hompage

for example:

Home | Forum | Impressum/Contact

Impressum or Contact is the info file with your data in our chase :wink:

ok… I’m understand now n i will do as what u say… Please activate my site… I realy2 need it… I must present my site to my lecturer…it not juz website,its my future…My false,I’m very2 sorry, i not notice t.o.s overall because it written in non-english… I’m so sorry… By the way, thanks for quick reply/response.

I don’t even know anything about the tos, only that you cannot filehost, proxy ( usual rules… ) and no games.

If they just made a decent english one instead of having the only thing in good english the advertisement for themselves on the homepage…

google translate is able to help too…

" 1. General
bplaced focuses in general on a free offer to any user free of charge. These terms and conditions apply to all users, this can be entrepreneurs, as well as natural persons. Entrepreneurs are natural or legal persons or legal partnerships. The business relationship between this company (bplaced), in accordance with the statutory provisions, and the provider of the person or the relevant undertaking, or the user represents. Each user accepts these conditions by using the service fully in. If parts or individual formulations of the current legal position is no longer or not completely correct, other parts remain in their content and validity.
2. Terms of Use
Each user has agreed on amendments to these Terms and / or the offer to inform and possibly independently in the most recent to date. Each user has his own truthful e-mail address and also up to date. Furthermore, it must be a constant presence at this address guaranteed. The user used to connect to the services belong, are to be kept confidential - it will also have access to relevant data (eg passwords) are elected, the relevant security (for example, this may not be easy to guess or too short). Should there be disclosure of such data, or loss (theft, etc.) damage, the service provider is not liable. Minors may only be for the use of this service register, if the legal representative of this has given his consent. This is also aware that through the use of content may come to light, which only partially or not at all suitable for minors are.
3. Duties of the user
Each user is responsible for its data, by him or by other users to the service have been transferred - as far as legally seen reasonable, responsible. The user must ensure that this content should not violate statutory provisions and / or the rights of other people, brands or companies in any way injure. The contents are not checked by the service provider, or limited, or made accessible censored. Therefore, in the event that there is an Unlawful comes, the service provider from a user not belangbar. The service provider assumes no liability or responsibility for the data of the user or other persons who have access to this data, or (for example, by uploading content) expand. Furthermore, users are not permitted without the express consent of each recipient, this e-mail via the Dienstanbiterseitige E-mail system to send.
Each user has its own pages of content to be clearly labeled that it is the contents of its own - it must not give the impression that it is the content provider is. Furthermore, each user on its side a legally valid Impressum publish this update. It is prohibited to pornographic and / or unlawful, contents. This is particularly true for racial and / or inhuman content, or for such content or services, the snowball or pyramid schemes advertise, distribute advertising (spam and email marketing), or pages whose sole purpose in forwarding to another page is .
4. Rights of the provider
The service provider reserves the right at any time the offer (even for individual users) to modify, suspend or modify. A right to damages shall in no case. Furthermore, each user agrees to accept that in the (un-) periodically receive emails from the service provider (eg, newsletters, notifications, etc.). The server running on PHP script user governed by a CPU time limit of 12 seconds. No further CPU usage per each call is terminated. The operation of software (eg PHP scripts), the respective server too much strain (also referred to the database), or the operation of chats, which are often continuous records from the server request is not allowed. So-called browser games are due to high server load is prohibited. The use of the Service as a data storage and / or download portal without a full page is not allowed. The advertising offered freedom refers to the user-created pages. In other words, there is no compulsion on the part of the advertising service provider to the users’ pages. From the service provider-generated pages (eg, content server listings of folders, file management, etc.) are exempt. The service provider shall seek a permanent fail-safe operation. Such service providers are behind the company to guarantee the availability of the performance of over 99% in annual average. Should there still outages from this company or the service provider will, there is no right to compensation or other remuneration. In the case of illegal contents or those activities that are carried by the user, the service provider reserves the right to legally pursue it. In the case of request for information from the authorities, the service provider is also obliged to take all the necessary data. Violation of the conditions of the service provider reserves the right to all user accounts, and without giving any reason to remove or block. It is used for the prevention of crime a log of all accesses to the server, which is kept indefinitely, any user with the storage of such data as agreed.
5. Privacy Policy
The user allows the service provider may need data to support staff to process requests, problems, etc. Contract. These data will be kept strictly confidential. Data or security-related data are encrypted in the system the service provider and will be 1st treated, and 2 to the best knowledge and belief, prior to the access of third parties. Further information is available on the main provider under the Privacy callable.
6. Termination
The user has the right, the relationship with the provider at any time. The cancellation is intended for users who use the service in the personal user menu. In the case of a breach of the user to one or more aspects of these conditions is the authorized service provider, the business relationship without notice and to terminate all services to stop. A claim for damages shall in no case."