What's wrong with my website?


My website is genkishop.bplaced.net
I can still log in my account but how come the website doesn’t load?
It always jump to bplaced ads.
What’s wrong with my website? Because I didn’t log in for very long??
I do always log in to my FTP account though.
Please advice, I need my website back. Thanks.


i haven’t problems with your website… :wink:

Oh my problem should be the co.cc domain.
It’s genkishop.co.cc , it works before but I don’t know why it doesn’t work now…
Anybody knows?

My magic crystal ball says that you have to check your domaisettings.

When you register a domain at your cpanel you should use CNAME not ip, and WWW…co.cc as value, the WWW part is important for co.cc domains I think.

Same thing for your settings at www.co.cc, use cname. Don’t forget that co.cc domains expire after 1 year if you don’t pay.

When you link back at your site don’t genkishop.co.cc