When will fsockopen() be allowed?

i want to make some websites with bplaced but it seems fsockopen() has not been allowed yet.
Anybody can tell me if its gonna take long time to be allowed please?


This function is disabled, because it’s a security risk for the bplaced.net system.
Miro (Serveradmin) is searching for an good solution for this problem.

You must stil wait a bit. :wink:

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I really hope this problem will be resolved soon, my wordpress also needs this function. :slight_smile:

maybe you shouldn`t await this function quite soon :wink:
edit: i guess, the rest of my posting was nonsense… :ps:

fsockopen is on the to-do-list for a very long time. The admin is working on a solution for the security risk, but it seems that he didn’t find a working solution. Many people asked the same question as you. Maybe it will enabled in the next weeks, but also maybe in the next months. Nor we neither the admin know the answer. We have still to wait.

PS: puh, German is much easier for me to write than English.

uhm what is this funtion actually doing?
i mean this one “fsockopen()”, what is it for?

it opens connections to other servers

oh ok thanks
i get it

Hello everybody!

The function fsockopen was, in my experience, never enabled here.

Maybe in furure it will be worked, but the most users don’t needed, so I think. And this function is e risk, too !? Because it works with ports.

Edit: oh, look here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2263! (link in german)

are we can make a website for uploading an image???
thanks before

line 1152
if($fp = @fsockopen(

Sorry to wake an old topic, but have there been any advancements on this? It’d be nice to have this as my wordpress software depends on it to update itself correctly.



you can pay bplaced pro (at bplaced.net -> bplaced pro).
bplaced pro has activated fsockopen and costs 3 euro for 31 days. :wink: