Why my account is blocked?

I see this in bplaced:

Benutzerkonto deaktiviert
Dein Benutzerkonto ist im Moment deaktiviert. Du hast trotzdem noch Zugriff zum Supportsystem um Anfragen bezüglich einer Aktivierung zu stellen.

Dieser Abschnitt ist nur noch so lange zugänglich, wie Dein Konto inaktiv ist - nach dem Verstreichen der gesetzten Frist von 31 Tagen wird das Konto vollständig entfernt.
Dein Konto wurde mit folgender Begründung deaktiviert: Fehlendes Impressum

There was no Imprint on your website as required thru general terms and conditions.
Write a support ticket!

What’s that?

Log in to your bplaced account, choose “Support-System” from the menu, and press the button “Neues ticket”.

Ok and what i need to fill in there?

Well u need to add an imprimt with your name and your adress + your email to your site.

“Betreff” is the title of your ticket - write something like “please reactivate my account”.
“Kategorie” you can leave on “Sonstiges”.

And in the textarea you put a short explanation that your account has been deactivated, maybe quoting the reason, “Dein Konto wurde mit folgender Begründung deaktiviert: Fehlendes Impressum”, and ask them to reactivate it.
Submit by pressing “Senden” :slight_smile:

And after it’s been reactivated, the first thing you do is putting an “Impressum” on your site, because that’s missing and the reason they deactivated your account in the first place.
That’s the Legal Notice who’s the sites owner; include your real name, address & country.

Ok thanks i have filled in when they unblock me?

If any admin is online can anybody please unblock me
I will do what the site ask

When you wrote your ticket, then you wait until it’s beeing answered.

You’re not the freakin’ only one here who’s writing tickets, so show some patience (, goddamnit).

When do you think my site is unblocked ?

You will be unblocked whenn it’s your turn in the queue :wink: Please be patient…

You are admin?

No, I’m not…

Please a website admin
Can you please unblock my website

Have your write a support ticket?

Yes (2)