Wordpress und vbulletin bridge installieren wie?

Hallo Leute,
Ich habe mir die vbulletin bridge für wordpress auf vbulletin.org herrunter geladen ich weiß aber net was ich tun soll
Ich will die user verbinden mit dem board
also wenn sich ein user z.b bei wordpress registriert auch automatisch bei vbulletin anmeldet auch umgekehrt…

Das ist meine site
Falls mir jemand helfen will kann er sich melden
ich gebe ihm dann link zu vb bridge…

edit: Gibt es eigentlich eine möglichkeit vbulletin in wordpress zu includen?

kann mir niemand helfen , hier ist der text der in der readme vom bridge packet war

Lg !! Ich verstehe nichts!!

Was gibt es da denn nicht zu verstehen?
Haperts am Englisch oder was willste damit sagen? Die Anleitung gibts bestimmt auch auf Deutsch.

Includen könntest du es ja mit nem iframe… weiß aber net ob das bei wordpress möglich ist

Installation Instructions

Upload the vbridge.php and functions_wysiwyg2.php file to your wp-content/plugins directory. DO NOT create a subdirectory.

Activate the product in your WordPress plugins section.

YOU MUST go to the options page before you do anything else. Click Options, then „Vbridge Options“.

Define the following options:

VB User ID: This is the userid comment threads will be started with IF the author is NOT REGISTERED with VB.

VB Username: This is the username comment threads will be started with IF the author is NOT REGISTERED with VB.

VB Forum ID: This is the default FORUM id where all comment threads will be posted unless another is selected. This also will indicate what forum will automatically be selected in the drop down menu on the write page.

Forum URL: This is the URL to your forum. NO index.php, NO trailing slash. Example: yoursite.com/forum

Forum Relative Path: This is the RELATIVE file path to your forum. So if your forum is located at yoursite.com/forum then the RELATIVE path would be /forum.

Database Prefix: This is your vbulletin database prefix. If you do not have one, then leave this blank.

Turn Plugin On: Select yes, this turns the plugin on.

DO NOT click „yes“ for the „Turn Auto-Integrate“ option yet!!!

Go to the „Post Articles To Forum“ option and select „Yes“.



Go to the „Reading“ option. You need to change the setting for „Encoding for pages and feeds“ to the same encoding your forum uses. By default, this is: ISO-8859-1 If you have specifically changed your encoding, then use your new encoding. If you do not have proper characters, then VB may display threads with odd characters.

If your getting funny characters when you post, you may want to change back to utf-8 in WordPress and then do the same in Vbulletin here: AdminCP -> Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager -> [edit settings].


You MUST write a test post in Wordpress and make sure it is posting to the forum you select. If the post does post fine to VBULLETIN, then you have done everything right (so far).

Now you need to go to ‚Users‘ -> ‚Vbridge User Settings‘ in your Wordpress Dashboard. Here is where you map your Vbulletin users to Wordpress. You will see an option to select a Wordpress User Group for each Vbulletin user group. If you do not want a particular usergroup to be bridged to Wordpress select „Do Not Map“ for that group. For example, Map your VB Administrators group to the Wordpress Administrator group. There will be a selection for each user group you have created for Vbulletin.

Once you have finished this click submit then click Options, then „Vbridge Options“. Select „Yes“ for the option: „Turn Auto-Integrate On“.

The last step is to go to this URL: vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_mi … did=134521

You should be all set. If for some reason you can no longer login to Wordpress, or you get errors, just delete or rename the vbbridge.php file and that will deactivate the plugin.

Users are bridged to WP when they view any wordpress page, and are logged into Vbulletin. They MUST be logged into Vbulletin at the time. All user information contained in the VBulletin database table „user“ is now in the global object $vbuser. Example: $vbuser->username will display the users VBulletin username. [/quote]

Genau das musst du machen, mehr nicht :ps: Einfach der Anleitung Schritt für Schritt folgen :wink: