FTP login help

hello :
login eror

ftp I am being fastened yesterday
I am not able to do the entrance today
I am taking this mistake
What, do, necessary,
My cipher correct %100

( türkçe cevap verirseniz bilen varsa sevinirim)

Bağlantı sağlandı, hoşgeldin mesajı beklenmekte…
Cevap: 220 Welcome to bplaced, FTP server standing by …
Komut: USER askgemisifm
Cevap: 331 Hello askgemisifm, your password is required:
Komut: PASS *****
Cevap: 530 Login authentication failed
Hata: Sunucuya bağlantı kurulamıyor

we are discussing this problem currently at the german board. because there were some trouble with server 6,too, they still weren’t able to solve this problem. but they are now working on it, after server 6 is online again.

in the next hours the problem should be solved, so please try to different times to cnnect to your ftp server

Morning I am taking the mistake here *Dan .
Other, somebody, this, mistake, there, other, member, mistake, work,

Other, somebody, this, mistake, there, other, member, mistake, work,[/quote]

My, what, do, necessary, problem, solve, for,

c panel It* is entering
ftp eror

Sorry, but literal translations like that are not usually understandable.

It seems you are asking how to solve an FTP error.

There are some FTP problems right now. Please try again later.


Mike Connor

Two, day, become, more, how much, wait for,
*Adminler, you, one, entrance, do, problem, where,
There isn’t the problem in other somebody
Please one abyss

Sorry, but your literal translations into English don´t make any sense, and one can only guess at the meaning.

If you are unable to read or write English or German, then it is more or less impossible to help you in any meaningful way.

If you are asking how long before the “errors” are fixed, then there is no way of telling. There is no way to know what your error is if you can´t explain it.


Mike Connor

bplaced.net c panel I can doing the entrance but I can’t Doing The FTP

Yes, I understand that you have a problem, apparently with FTP, but I am unable to communicate sensibly with you.

Try and find somebody who speaks either English or German to help you translate your questions.

If you cannot understand what I and others here write, then we can not help you.


Mike Connor

I understand your yes the problem ftp

You have to explain what your problem is.

Unless you can explain what is not working, nobody can help you to fix it.


Mike Connor

One of the greatest conversations ever! :smiley:


problem ftp login eror :frowning:

You should not send your password to anybody! I will simply delete it.

Without knowing your webspace address etc I can´t help you anyway.

Unless you can use one of the languages in use here, or find somebody to translate for you, there is nothing anybody can do to help you.

Sorry, but I am going to have to give up.


Mike Connor

I am sorry, I would like to help you, but nothing you write makes much sense, and sending it per PN is no use either.

If you can´t understand the languages in use here, then you are simply wasting your time.

My apologies, and regards.

Mike Connor

thank you :(((

Sorry I was unable to help.


Mike Connor

I think there must be an turkish speaking user in here…
But you’ll have to find him or her. :wink: